Headsets IPN

Would you like to buy a headset for your landline? When buying a headset, you can buy a high-quality noise canceling headset from the IPN brand.


IPN is the headset brand developed for professionals. The high-quality headsets are equipped with the latest technology. For example, all headsets have a noise canceling microphone.

IPN has universally deployable solutions, both wireless and wired headsets. Thanks to their design, they provide optimum calling comfort.

The products are extremely suitable for intensive use in office environments.

A headset for every situation

Koopeenheadset.nl is the only supplier in the Netherlands that supplies IPN headsets. The headsets are the perfect solution for fixed telephony. With the wired headsets you always have your hands free while making calls. And with the wireless headsets you are not tied to your workplace, leaving you free to move during a call.

We offer different types of headsets, so there is always a headset that suits you. With the dual-ear headset you can reduce your ambient noise, so you can focus even better on conversations. Perfect in hectic environments, such as a call center. Would you rather have 1 ear free? Then the in-ear or single-ear headset is perfect for you.

Thanks to a noise canceling headset you will communicate more effectively, which will increase your productivity. The headsets can be used in different sectors. You can think of marketing, healthcare, call centers, receptionists and VOIP exchanges. But the headsets are also ideal for sales and recruitment.

We offer different types of connections. There are headsets that can be connected via USB, but also with Bluetooth or with an electronic hook switch.

In addition to headsets, we also offer accessories for your headset. For example, a connection box that allows you to answer and end calls remotely. You can also contact us for adapters, cables, batteries and ear cushions.

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